Sacha Inchi

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A collection of photos from the farms that we work with.

Sacha Inchi vine
Mature Sacha Inchi Fruit
Sacha Inchi fruit
Sacha Inchi vine
Sacha Inchi
Sacha Inchi flower

Our Products

sacha inchi oil

Sacha Inchi Oil

Fresh Gourmet Oil containing 92% Omega 3,6 and 9 

sacha inchi protein powder

Sacha Inchi Protein Powder

Tasty Protein Powder that contains all 20 Amino Acids required for Human Health including the 9 Essential Amino Acids

Our Online store is not yet operational, additionally we are in the process of reconfiguring our factory and are out of stock for Oil and Powder. Please email us ( and we will be in contact as soon as we are up and running.



In 2015 Zenda Life Foods and Singboonphoem jointly founded a company in Thailand to grow and process Sacha Inchi.  We not only wanted to grow a new emerging food that was great for our customers’ health, we also wanted to establish a way for our many contract farmers to earn a steady income.  Sacha Inchi fruit and leaves are able to be harvested throughout the year giving farmers regular opportunities to generate income to offset the annual harvests of their many other crops.

All of our farmers grow multiple crops on their land (including rubber, coffee, chili, bananas, palms, young coconuts, Sugar Cane and many more) thus avoiding the problems that come with large monocultural farms.  All of our farmers follow Organic Farming principles and some are in the process of obtaining Organic Certification for the their farms.  Several of our farmers have been in business for over 50 years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sacha Inchi farming.  Most of our farmers have a family connection to the land.

Additionally we are working with Provenance.Org to help bring transparency to our production process and supply chain. Provenance uses blockchain to record when and where our products are produced and where they are shipped to. We will be implementing the full process once we build our new factory. In the meantime here is the story of how our Sacha Inchi Oil is grown, bottled and exported.

We have also established a blog here to keep you up to date with Sacha Inchi recipes and other developments.


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